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Phare is deeply honored to have been part of this collaboration. Channthy was an exceptionally talented artist and a role model. In front of an invited audience, Michael Laub directed the show consisting of music from the Cambodian Space Project and three musicians from Phare Ponleu Selpak.

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A film montage of science fiction-style animation and footage from s Cambodia by German film maker Marc Eberle was projected behind the artists as they performed.

They studied the Cambodian Rock and Roll scene from the s and came up with their own interpretation of the music.

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Laub said that the birth of the extravaganza was a series of fortuitous accidents. Not least was the introduction of a Madison dancer. Laub saw her in Phnom Penh and recognized her skill.

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On talking to her, he discovered that she had been classically trained. She introduced two other classical dancers to round out the cast. The show as seen in Siem Reap was a work in progress.

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The concept is to expand the show to include more dancers, more music and make it into a giant performance. For now though, the piece meets the highly critical eye of Michael Laub, and he has given it his seal of approval for the previews in Siem Reap.

Phare Productions International coordinated the event. The inclusion of musicians from Phare Ponleu Selpak, the parent school in Battambang, was a logical choice. They are all very excited by the opportunities this project gives them.

PPS trains disadvantaged young people in artistic fields, and then through Phare Productions, these highly skilled individuals are offered profitable work and helped to Galaxy khmer sauna valuable members of an emerging new society in Cambodia. However, this is very exciting as it is a pure music concert and I love playing with the professional musicians.